Services offered

Going Forward Reflexology provides a wide range of holistic health services.

Regular services include reflexology, gentle restorative massage, reflexology/massage combinations, and prenatal massage.  Salty Reflexology and Massage are also available at Salt Remedy in The Woodlands.  Packages are also available.

We no longer charge by modality.  We now charge per session and combine services so that our clients may receive the best treatment.

Going Forward Reflexology Body Work Services:

  • $50.00 for 30 minutes

  • $75.00 for 60 minutes ($65 for 50 minutes at Salt Remedy)

  • $100.00 for 90 minutes ($90 for 80 minutes at Salt Remedy)


Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works with the meridians in the body.  Any type of blockage in these 10 meridians can contribute to many ailments.  Reflexology has been known to have numerous benefits which can include pain relief, strengthening of the immune system, lowering heart rate, decrease in stress and anxiety, relief from plantar fasciitis pain and common forms of arthritis.  There is no need to completely disrobe for a reflexology session as most sessions focus on the feet.  Reflexology of the hands can also be beneficial as well as auricular (ear) therapy.  Auricular therapy is offered as an add on service.

Gentle Restorative Massage

Our Gentle Restorative Massage is customized for the client based on the concerns at the time of the appointment.  30 minute sessions typically focus on specific areas such as neck, back and shoulders and the back of the legs and arms.  60 and 90 minute sessions are full body sessions.  All sessions will utilize draping of the entire body with only the area being worked on uncovered.   Benefits include relaxation, tension and knot reduction, light to medium pressure, improves circulation and lymph movement, reduces blood pressure, reduces stress, and creates a sense of well-being.  Add on services include auricular therapy, aromatherapy and utilizing cupping for reverse pressure.

Prenatal Massage

Benefits of Prenatal Massage include releasing tension, reducing blood pressure, reducing stress while promoting easier breathing, and create a general sense of well being for pregnant women.

Going Forward Reflexology Add-on Services: 

  • Aromatherapy Blends  $10.00

Benefits of adding aromatherapy custom blended massage oil vary depending on the oils used and can include increased relaxation, decreased muscle pain, decongestant, stimulating, and improved immune response.

  • Auricular therapy $10.00 (includes up to 5 beads)

Benefits of auricular therapy are dependent on the desired results as beads are placed according to specific issues that the client would like help with.  These include headaches, pain in specific areas, appetite, and smoking cessation assistance to name a few.

  • Cupping with massage for reverse pressure $10.00

Cupping therapy includes suction and negative pressure which can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, relieve aches and pains, and can release stiff muscles.