Success Team March 2017-April 2017


Success Team

March 7 – April 25th, 2017

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Register before February 23rd, 2017 for a 50% discount.


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Product Description

How to get what you really want!

(even if you have no goals, no character and are often in a lousy mood)

Have you ever wanted a career doing what you love ? A house by the sea? Your own horse ? A great relationship ? A trim body ?

We are starting a Success Team to help you get what you want.

Success Team is a support group of people who will help you develop plans for any goal, assist you with information and contacts, phone numbers, address and directions…whatever you need to make your dreams come true.  Most important: they will give you guidance and encouragement, week by week until you have achieved your goal.

And they will do it for free. Why?  Because you are going to do the same for them.

Success Teams is a tried and true method based on Wishcraft and Teamworks! by Barbara Sher. Barbara has appeared on PBS, Ted Talks and in the Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Ladies Home Journal and other national media.

There are no gimmicks, no pyramid sales force, no get-rich quick schemes behind this invitation.  We are just a few local people from the area who want to do something terrific…and we need your help.  More information on Teams can be found by clicking on the logo below.

This 8 week Success Team will be in Northwest Houston, TX

Registration is $425.00 and payment plans are available.  Please contact Christie Going, Sher Success Team leader, at for more details on the payment options available.


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    This experience is AMAZING! I have learned so much about what blocks me from truly going after my dreams. Even better, I am learning concrete tools on how to overcome these blocks. The Team is helping me with questions & issues I have had for years. Christie Going is a excellent teacher and leader! She is very available for questions on concepts or homework. The Team is virtual, which is ultra convenient. I am recommending the next team to friends & family around the country. I cannot praise this experience too highly!

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